Engineered for Your Comfort

ISÖ Spa is Ottawa’s exclusive i-sopod® flotation tank centre. Designed in England, the i-sopod® brand offers the most modern and technologically advanced sensory deprivation flotation tanks. This technology is light years ahead of the industry!

i-sopod® flotation tanks are constructed from the finest quality GRP (glass reinforced plastic) double skinned moldings, and hand finished and insulated.  The i-sopod brand assures every floater an experience like no other.

A float tank designed with style and comfort in mind, the i-sopod allows the body and mind to unwind and relax, but without the worry often brought on by the old-style float tanks.

By shutting the lid on the float tank, you're able to block out all external noise and sensory inputs so that your mind can venture to places its never gone before. By escaping the effects of gravity, our bodies are allowed to rest, recharge and reset.