FLOAT TANK Benefits for the Mind

Let’s face it, life get’s busy.  We put up with sensory overload all the time in the form of work deadlines, the boss, the mortgage, traffic, the constant background noise of every day life and even your family. Sometimes you may even feel like your head might just explode.

A float tank, also known as a sensory deprivation tank, provides powerful and immediate relief from the stresses of every day life. Yes, the daily life from which there used to be virtually no escape from. Our spa is a one-of-a-kind place in Ottawa where you can actually let your mind find the peace it needs. 

How does isolation help?

When you close the lid on one of our floatation tanks, you shut out the outside world entirely. You become isolated in our sensory deprivation tank from gravity, sound, and light! Everything seems to just disappear and your mind is finally given the chance to slowdown as you enter the elusive Theta state - that euphoric state just before falling asleep.

Most people don’t know it but our brains have different frequencies and each frequency is measured in cycles per second (HZ). Most of the day, we are in a beta state awake and alert dealing with every day challenges of life. At this state, our brains are running at between 14-40 HZ. This is fast and it is in this state that the body produces Cortisol, the main chemical component of stress. Guess what, in today’s world we spend most of our day in this state!

When we are in a deep, deep dreamless sleep our brains typically run at 0.5-4 HZ. This is the part of sleep that allows our bodies to heal themselves and is more or less the unconscious mind.

The Theta state is where it’s at! Between 3 and 8 HZ is where the mind is able to access the secrets of its subconscious. Here your mind allows for inspiration and creativity without limits. It is in this state that we are most able to program our brain to believe our goals and aspirations and create our reality.

It is the Theta state that is most useful to our minds yet the most elusive and difficult to find. Until now!